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  • From 1885

    Torcitura di Dolzago

    Silk twisting factory

  • From 1885

    Torcitura di Dolzago

    Silk twisting factory

  • From 1885

    Torcitura di Dolzago

    Silk twisting factory

Torcitura Dolzago,
a century-long
in the silk world

"Silk production consists of the fundamental coexistence of two kinds of production, the agricultural one and the industrial one. In the former, farmers rear silkworms, feeding them in such a way that they produce cocoons for silk. Afterwards, in the latter, the raw material is processed and transformed through machines that combine tradition and innovation. The reeling, twisting, weaving and dyeing turns thin silkworm filament into a durable, shiny, fantastic fabric"

From expert silkworm breeders to professional silk twisters

Proud of its tradition, Torcitura di Dolzago internationally offers its experience in the silk world.

As silkworm breeders, Trinca family overcame difficulties around the Eighties to become one of the primary Italian silk twisting mills. 


The researches and the experiences handed down to the 4th generation allow us to select our suppliers carefully: from cocoons producers, by choosing the best races of the silkworm, to the reeling mills, by picking the best lots of silk to twist.

We carry out the entire twisting process in our twisting mill in Dolzago, north Italy, as well as in our branch in Buhuși, north-west Romania. Here, our expert hands will turn skeins of raw silk into twisted yarn, ready to be weaved by our clients.


The strength points of Torcitura di Dolzago are the high level of professionalism combined with an excellent quality-price ratio, the speed of the supply and, finally, the possibility of subdivisions and ad-hoc productions based on the needs of our clients.

The cocoon and sericulture

The origin of sericulture has its roots in China around the VII millennium BC.

Our prodocts

In this section you can see the complete list of the yarns of our production.

Twisting processes

In order to obtain a twisted thread, the silk skein must be treated on several systems.